Community Service

Community service is a natural expression of our character and faith development. At St. James, we seek to provide many avenues for scholars to grow by learning to give and act on behalf of others. Scholars are encouraged from the earliest stages to engage in acts of charity, ecological stewardship and mentoring relationships – experiencing that when we give, we truly gain. Throughout the year, scholars have the opportunity to participate in age appropriate outreach opportunities including Thanksgiving food drives, Christmas clothing collections for the homeless, Valentines cards for deployed armed service members and more.

Starting in the 5th Grade, each scholar is required to serve 20 hours of service in the community, annually. These projects take many forms, from outreach to the homeless, the children’s hospital, beach and environment clean-up, other schools in “at risk” neighborhoods, women’s and children’s shelters, and much more. Each scholar selects their individual service and commits to it over the year.

The collective impact these scholars make on the community is immeasurable and priceless. Smaller forms of service are honored too. One of our mottos is “Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.” The St. James faculty is quick to acknowledge those small acts of service in scholars that reflect kindness and thoughtfulness to others. St. James is committed to raising servant leaders who will positively impact our future.