The athletic program at St. James strives to cultivate teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, resilience, and fun! We believe the competitive and collaborative atmosphere of team sports is essential to all scholars – regardless of skill level or prior knowledge of the sport. Scholars come to understand the importance of working together while enhancing personal technical skills and learning strategies. Experiencing the relationship between practice and improvement allows scholars to transfer this knowledge to other areas of life. Scholars learn responsibility and develop determination. Athletics serve as a venue for scholars to display good sportsmanship and respect – both towards teammates and opponents. Through hard work and dedication, scholars build character and self-esteem.

All scholars, beginning at the earliest levels, participate in Physical Education classes and are provided outdoor recess daily. The competitive athletics program begins in 4th grade, and scholars are encouraged to participate as team players. Our teams are consistently competitive, playing at the highest levels, and frequently claiming games, titles, and championships.

Our emphasis for all Jaguars in our athletic programs is for scholars to learn and embrace teamwork and integrity, both on and off the court!