Annual Giving Campaign

For the last 3 years, St. James has done something very few schools do. 

We have celebrated that 100% of our current families, Faculty and Staff, and Board of Trustees have donated to the Annual Fund campaign. 

Please help us make it a 4th year in a row!

When we participate, regardless of the size of the gift, we demonstrate confidence in our School’s mission and education. For a school to maintain and expand its qualities of excellence, it depends on the financial support and commitments of each member of its community. This campaign is the largest fundraising event of the year, and intended for every family. Our tuition revenue this year only covers 60% of our salary expenses. Like the virus and the economy may have hit you hard this year, it impacted our budget. Additionally, we were unable to hold our annual Fishing Tournament or Spring Fling, our other fundraisers. Our class sizes remain safe and small, but every one of you matters to us and to the Board of Trustees goals of 100% and $110,000 for the campaign.  

This is especially important as we continue to seek grants from foundations that measure the health of our school by the percentage of parent participation in our Annual Giving Campaign. We ask that EVERY St. James family donate at a level comfortable for them. While we hope you will give generously, it matters more that you give than how much you give. Your gift shows you believe in St. James.  Your participation measures how strongly our parents support the School. A 100% participation rate will open opportunities for St. James to acquire additional funding from corporations and foundations. 

100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

Click HERE to give online. Alternatively, pledge now and pay by May 31st, mail a check to SJES, or call the office 361-883-0835 for help. 

All our best,
Reid Aston 
Stefani Fitzgerald
Co-Chairs, St. James Board of Trustees